Pest Control

Ladybug Services is Dayton’s hometown remedy for anything bugging you that crawls, digs, or flies.
Serving Dayton, Middletown, Cincinnati, Cleveland & Surrounding Areas!

Pest Control

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Ladybug Services is known throughout the Dayton area for one thing – they hate pests. But much more than that, they care about their neighbors and their environment. That is why they use the best, most child and pet friendly chemicals in all their our pest control treatments to keep both you and your environment safe, even as they rid it of pesky and possibly harmful pests.

Ladybug Services has more than 15 years of experience in pest control in Dayton, OH, ridding homes and offices of all types of insects and small animal pests, including:

• Spiders
• Ants
• Carpenter ants
• Roaches
• Bees
• Wasps and hornets
• Ticks and fleas
• Bed bugs
• Stink Bugs

They also can rid you of any problem with small animals with rodent control in Dayton, OH that may have gotten into your home or who are making a nightly raid on your garbage cans. They have earned the trust and loyalty of an ever-growing number of satisfied customers who regularly recommend our services.

Ladybug Services’ pest control treatments often involve a number of steps, beginning with a thorough inspection of the surroundings to find every trace of the pest that is lurking. This could include treating your eaves for spiders and wasps, treating joints in walkways and driveways, and treating around your foundation.

No matter the pest, you don’t have to live with it. Just call on the experts at Ladybug Services when you need an exterminator in Dayton, OH!

Please review the following pdf to assist us in gaining control of your rodent and roach problem.