Termite Control

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Termite Control

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It’s nothing personal to a termite. It’s just that they’ve found a food source at your home: your home. They can literally eat you out of house and home while you never know it, since they bore into the interior and eat until there is nothing left but a hollow shell.

Call on the experts at Ladybug Services for termite control in Dayton, OH. They are trusted and reliable professionals, who can inspect your home and will help rid it of those unwanted guests for the region’s most economical cost.

Ladybug Services has more than 15 years of experience in termite control. They use only the most up–to-date methods and technology to uncover and eliminate the problem so you can be sure that your home is safe.

Termites have always been a problem, ever since the invention of wood. They eat cellulose fiber, but some types have been known to eat through asphalt, plaster, mortar, and even lead. A small termite colony can eat through a foot of 2x4 in five months. The queen can live for 25 years and lay an egg every 15 seconds. That’s a lot of mouths to feed.

Eliminating invading termites absolutely must be done and the professionals at Ladybug Services are here to help. They can locate the signs of termite infestation, which include:

• Mud tubes on exterior walls or beams
• Bubbling or cracked paint
• Termite dropping
• Discarded wings from a swarm

After initial treatment, they can continue to monitor your home and make sure that you are protected from any future infestations.

Don’t take chances with silent and destructive termites. For termite treatment in in Dayton, OH, call Ladybug Services for a termite control inspection today.